In 2013, J. Marcelle served as the Executive Director for the Jim Arden Foundation, a U.S. based NGO that provides funds to the Tanzania Community Development Organization (TACODO). Through this organization, J. Marcelle managed to gather resources needed to refurbish a children’s orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. They were able to build a new computer lab and library that the community could use to take English as a Second Language courses along with various computer classes. These classes allow the locals to learn necessary skills and communication to help them gain employment as translators, travel guides, and computer techs. This orphanage was so important to this region, because even though education is free in Arusha, most schools require the students to have money for uniforms, shoes, lunch, and transportation. J. Marcelle spent a month in Arusha with the Jim Arden Foundation and was able to provide free lunches for the students along with overseeing the installation of new computers and printers for the school’s computer lab. She even helped create a soccer club and helped get the players uniforms and shoes to develop extracurricular activities.

Locally, J. Marcelle sits on the board for the Lanza Learning Center in Yonkers, NY. The Lanza Learning Center is a state of the art daycare center that provides high-end education to low-income communities, particularly to children of color. This school was built to be on par with various education models from more affluent neighborhoods. The education level is curated to help grow young children in daycare into ivy league students. This would essentially allow these students to be eligible to attend top-tier private schools that they typically wouldn’t be able to afford but could now qualify for based on their intellect and knowledge base.

J. Marcelle’s professional initiatives stem from a number of philanthropic angles and platforms. She believes giving back and cultivating new and young talent is crucial to her work as a producer and content creator. Outside of her work with The Xposure Foundation and her own non-profit, Girls With Knowledge, J. Marcelle strives to make change on a global scale.

J. Marcelle is also a Board Member for the Bridges Global Medical Mission, an organization that specializes in providing gynecology and obstetrics to women and children in parts of Guyana, South America, where medical care isn’t available.

As the CEO of Girls With Knowledge, Inc, J. Marcelle's objective is to ensure that every woman or girl that she encounters within GWK understands her worth and learns how to love herself. GWK provides resources of empowerment to girls and women in marginalized communities to help them discover and fulfill their fullest potential and affect positive change. Through the power of modeling, mentoring, and inspiration GWK's goal is to shape young activists and global leaders who respond to human need and fight for human rights around the world

as a demonstration of power and unity.

J. Marcelle is the COO of Xposure Foundation Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to expose children and people of all ages to the worlds of science, technology, finance, employment/work ethic, fitness/nutrition, community service and stronger parent/child partnerships. Founded in 2007 by Social Entrepreneur Raymond L. Thomas, Jr., Xposure currently operates 11 STEAM based after-school and community based programs serving youth and families across New York City and Westchester County.